Yes, there was a fire at church!

On late Wednesday (10/20) night part of our HVAC system in the alley on the side of  the church malfunctioned and caused a fire.  The good news is that the Concord Fire Department responded immediately and no real damage was done by the fire - BUT - there was a lot of smoke and it wasn’t incense!  It will take some time to deal with the smoke but we WILL celebrate Mass in the church this weekend.  There’s more smoke on the lower level so for a couple of weeks at least we will not have any activities on the lower level.

Considering how disastrous this might have been, I thank God that smoke is our biggest problem right now.  And I am most grateful to the Concord Fire Department!  (Remember them this weekend when we pray in the General Intercessions “for those who serve and protect us!”)

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