Catechist Corner

Faith Formation for children is primarily grounded in classes and other gatherings.  In the classes, our young parishioners are helped to understand the great treasure that is our Catholic faith and to live this faith through prayer and service.  A large number of adults are needed to serve as catechists, classroom aides, small group leaders.  Volunteers also provide child care for children of volunteers and act as hall monitors.  Training and support are provided.  This is a great opportunity to get to know other members of the parish community.

Thank you to all who are called and choose to volunteer! Below is information to help make your year as a catechist successful:

Role Descriptions

Catechist Classroom Aide
Grades 7&8 Lead Teacher Middle School Small Group Leader
Session Assistant Childcare
Hall Monitor  






No Lesson to be planned by Catechists

Lesson Plans Scope & Sequence
Kindergarten K
Grade 1 Grade 1
Grade 2 Grade 2
Grade 3 Grade 3
Grade 4 Grade 4
Grade 5 Grade 5
Grade 6 Grade 6
Grades 7&8  

View the entire Scope and Sequence of our Finding God program for grades 1 to 6.

Catechist Information

Catechist Information Guide

Communications Guide

Child/Youth Supervision & Safety Information

Student Behavior Guide


Resources for Middle School Catechists

Active Learning and Faith Formation

Moral/Spiritual Development Stages

Developmental Characteristics

Effective Group Management

Guidelines for Small Group Behavior

Tips for Leading Effective Discussions

Tools Techniques Working with Groups


For more information, please contact the Jaye Russo 978-369-7442 x 230 or