Faith Formation Commission

The Faith Formation Commission is made up of parishioners who represent the various ministries that impact Holy Family Faith Formation: Religious Education (Elementary, Middle School, and High School), Adult Faith Formation, Inter-generational programming, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Youth Ministry, and Music Ministry. Members are nominated by the commission and serve a term with the option to continue.

The purposes of the Faith Formation Commission are:

  1. To serve, support and foster the growth and development of the parish's faith formation programs for
    • Adults Through various opportunities such as Arise, short courses, speakers, etc.
    • Families Through participation in mass and other events during the year
    • Children Through classes, sacramental prep, peer ministry, youth council, etc.
  2. In its advisory role, the Faith Formation Commission will:
    • Address the current state of the programs as scheduled
    • Be advised on the current state of the parish and how it may affect Faith Formation programs
    • Receive feedback on the level of success of these programs
    • Make informed suggestions on future directions of programming

Members of the Faith Formation Commission (as of June 2018):

Barbara Cannon
Rick Chasse
Aletha Dalicandro
Gauri Dhaven
Nora-Gilligan Havens
Patricia Gomez
Peony Keve
Carrie Lamont
Cathy Murphy
Jaye Russo
Dr. Elizabeth Smith