Faith Formation

In baptism, a sacrament most of us receive as an infant, we are made children of God and are welcomed into the family of faith. We are now Christians. And, when we receive the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation, we are fully initiated into the life of the Catholic Church.

We are initiated. We are invited to spend our whole life becoming what we are, that is, coming to understand more and more fully the great treasury of the Catholic faith and to living more and more faithfully our identity as followers of Jesus Christ.

At Holy Family Parish, we believe faith formation is an ongoing process meant to draw us into closer relationship with Christ and the Church. Faith formation is much broader than simply “instructing in the faith;” rather it is the term that embodies the curriculum of the whole Church, including community, liturgy, proclamation, and teaching.

Because faith formation encompasses much of the work and mission of the Church, we strive to provide opportunities for all parishioners to get involved in faith formation. We hope to create a community formed in the faith empowered to continue the ministry of Christ through active engagement in Church and the world.

The Faith Formation Commission serves as an advisory committee to the Pastor and Faith Formation Staff of Holy Family Parish.

Here is a brief list and description of our offerings:

Adult Faith Formation: We offer a number of programs specifically designed to allow adults to deepen their faith, including presentations, conversations, book clubs, musical events, as well as socials.

Elementary Faith Formation: Recognizing that parents are the first and best educators of their children in matters of faith, our Kindergarten through Grade 5 program is meant to strengthen and build upon the faith formation that occurs within families.

Middle School Faith Formation: Programming for this age group is meant to honor the significance of identity and faith development by providing a fun, engaging, and safe environment to cultivate a positive experience of church.

High School Faith Formation: The two-year Confirmation preparation program continues to engage youth in building a foundation in the Catholic faith, while also providing space to explore how these beliefs interact with the world in today’s context. We also provide opportunities for youth to stay involved following Confirmation.

Youth Ministry: We offer spiritual, social, and service programs for Middle School and High School youth that allow them to mature in their faith.