Middle School Faith Formation

Middle School Faith Formation

Middle School Religious Education is for parishioners in Grades 6-8. The Middle School Faith Formation program is based upon these goals:

  • Form a cohesive community of Middle School youth
  • Allow space for small group discussions to deepen faith understanding
  • Provide opportunities for the students to be more involved in the life of the church
  • Honor the significance of the Middle School years for identity and faith development
  • Offer a fun, engaging, and safe environment for youth so as to cultivate a positive experience of church

Class Gatherings

There are 15 class gatherings lasting approximately 60 minutes each. Please consult the calendar for specific dates and times. All classes take place at Monument Hall in Concord Center.

Grade 6 Religious Education classes will happen separately from Grades 7 and 8. This decision follows the idea that 6th graders are at a different developmental level than 7th and 8th graders. Most classes are led by a volunteer catechist with a classroom aide.

Grades 7 and 8 are combined, and classes are led by a lead teacher with small group leaders assisting.


We have chosen to use of the Catholic Connections Handbook for Middle Schoolers by St. Mary’s Press. We supplement this curriculum with resources from Youth Ministry Access by the Center for Ministry Development.

Each student is given their own copy of the Catholic Connections handbook to keep at home, while classroom copies are available for use during class gatherings. All activities and discussions are based on the resources for use with the handbook, without students feeling like they are using the same methods and materials from their younger years. Our aim is for each class gathering to include an engaging activity and meaningful discussion that allows the faith to be learned and proved to be relevant in the lives of the students.

There are six modules based in the parish edition of Catholic Connections for Middle Schoolers:

  1. God, Revelation, and Faith
  2. Jesus the Christ
  3. The Holy Spirit and the Church
  4. The Eucharist
  5. Christian Morality and Justice
  6. Sacraments and Prayer

Contact Jaye Russo at the Parish Office at religiouseducation@holyfamilyconcord.org if you would like to volunteer.