Good Morning, Good God! Prayers to Start Your Day

Fr. Austin Fleming is a pastor from Concord, Massachusetts, who decided eight years ago to start writing a blog featuring short daily prayers. From those beginnings, "A Concord Pastor Comments" has inspired hundreds of thousands of visitors across the country and the world. The appeal of his prayers lies in their simplicity and honesty. They easily find a home in every heart as they echo our own desires and longings.

Here in one volume is a collection of prayers from the "Concord Pastor" that can be used to begin each morning. Whatever your state of mind and heart as you come to morning prayer, these prayers can jumpstart your own prayer to God.

Preparing for Liturgy: A Theology and Spirituality

This book is a necessary foundation for beginners and new liturgy teams. Preparing for Liturgy offers a way of understanding and practicing the work of preparing not planning the Church's liturgical prayer. Explore issues such as whom we worship, why we worship and how we worship and find a theology and spirituality of liturgy that is both practical and profound.

Prayerbook for Engaged Couples

Prayerbook for Engaged Couples invites and assists couples to read, discuss, and choose the scriptures that will be proclaimed at their wedding. It also helps couples learn to pray and reflect together on God's word, a practice that will sustain them throughout their married lives. The book presents readings for the Rite of Marriage from the most recent revision of the Lectionary, prayers from the rite, and a brief reflection (with questions for discussion) on each reading and prayer.