A Concord Pastor Comments

A Concord Pastor Comments


  • Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/20 July 20, 2019
    The morning sun poursthrough wide-open windows,warming my legsand loosening my limbs...Your golden mercy softens melike butter for the baker,a recipe to make of mea loaf of fresh, warm bread…As butter into batter,fold me deep in your embrace,in the heat of summer sun, Lord,melt and fold me in your arms…Bake me in your noonday heatand in […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/18 July 18, 2019
    Got some things I want you to take care of, Lord,and I'd like you to take care of themright away,pronto,directly,sooner than later,forthwith,directly,expeditiously,PDQ!Well, I'm sure you catch my drift here -and no, you don't have to tell me: I know I'm being very impatientand I'm being impatient with YOUwho are forever patient with me...As you know, […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Song of the Week: Be With Me, Lord! July 17, 2019
    This week's song is also found in today's post, texting with God.  It's one of my favorites and I have seen over decades how readily this piece touches, lifts up and heals the hearts of those who are aching for God's peace and consolation...Be With Me, Lord (Psalm 91) by Marty Haugen Tweet     Subscribe to A […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 7/17 July 17, 2019
    I imagine that a number of my readers might think I wrote this post particularly for them. While I do have one particular situation in my heart and prayer, there are so many more whom I hope will find some comfort, some peace, some hope, a moment of prayer in this post...Be With Me, Lord, […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/16 July 16, 2019
    Image sourceOne night this summer, Lord, let me linger on the beach at duskto moonbathe while the sky's still blue,before the stars come out to play...One night this summer, Lord,let me hear the tide's soft washwhen all the children have gone hometo put away their pails and shovelsfor another sunny day...One night this summer, Lord,let […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Monday Morning Offering: 7/15 July 15, 2019
    Image: George MendozaGood morning, good God!Today, Lord, I offer you my thanks and praisefor all the gifts I've taken for granted...Today, Lord, I offer you my contritionfor any harm I've done but failed to notice...Today, Lord, I offer you my greatest needs,not just the things and bling I want...Today, Lord, I offer you a prayer […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Homily for July 14 July 15, 2019
    My first Sunday at St. Joseph Parish, BelmontHomily for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary TimeScriptures for today's Mass(For best viewing, click full screen in lower right corner) If this were time for true confessions, I might share with you some of the times in my life when, like the priest in Jesus' story, I've passed […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 7/14 July 14, 2019
    Photo by Dave BrownI know you're there all the time, Lord,all day long and through the night...I know you're ready to listen,ready to talk, ready to sit down with me,all day long and through the night...Somewhere in my day, Lord,or later this evening,help me find a time and place to sit with you,to be with […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: 7/13 July 13, 2019
    Image sourceAndy's* in a hospitaland asked to see a priestand so I was called,pleased to help...Andy's in a locked unit, Lord,but it’s his thoughts and imagination, his anxiety and fears, his past and his memories that really lock him inand keep him a prisoner of his own story...In conversation Andy showed himself to bea man of faith and […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY7/12 July 12, 2019
    Photo by S. SchelziHow long did it take you, Lord, to wash and smooth these stonesin the waves of turning tides?How many years to polish to a sheenthe glistening lustrous beautyof this rocky trove?Take not so long with waves of graceto smooth all my rough edges, Lord, to burnish bright what's dull within my soul...I […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Song of the Week July 11, 2019
    An old favorite from Godspell! A simple easy-goin' tune for these summer days... Day by day, day by day,O dear Lord, three things I pray:to see thee more clearly,love thee more dearly,follow thee more nearly,day by day... ...Tweet        Subscribe to A Concord Pastor Comments 
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/11 July 11, 2019
    Whatever summer holds Lord,I pray you'll spend it by my side:on scorchers and on cool days:walk with me, day by day...Whatever summer asks of me,I pray for strength to do itfor family, friends and neighbors- for anyone in need...Whatever I, this summer, hopeI pray I'll come to find it: right where I am, in my […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 7/10 July 10, 2019
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  • Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/9 July 9, 2019
    Image sourceYou see all things, Lord: nothing escapes your eye...Nothing puzzles or bewilders you,no matter how complex...You understand all mysteriesfar beyond my simple ken...No problem is beyond your reach,your wisdom pure and true...So, would you let me in, Lord, let me in on what you know?Help me see with your own eyeswhat's hidden from my […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Monday Morning Offering: Eleventh Anniversary! July 8, 2019
    Image: George MendozaJuly brings us to the eleventh anniversary of my Monday Morning Offerings.  When I wrote the first MMO, I had no intention of it being a series but the response to that post was very positive and... so it began.To celebrate this anniversary I'm re-posting the first Monday Morning Offering and the illustration […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Homily for July 7 July 7, 2019
    Homily for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time - CScriptures for today's Mass What a great text I have to work with on my first weekend in a new assignment! Here’s Jesus appointing and sending out his 72 disciples to bring the message of the gospel to people they didn’t know, in places where they’d […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 7/7 July 7, 2019
    Photo by Dupont Media WorldMy first weekend Mass at St. Luke's, Lord!A new parish, a new church, new customs,new music, new minsters by my sideand new people in the pew...For a moment I felt that everything was new -but I was mistaken...A new parish but the same Church:the Body of Christ enfleshedin the lives of […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/6 July 6, 2019
    Disturb us, Lord,when we are too well pleased with ourselves;when our dreams have come truebecause we have dreamed too little;when we arrive safelybecause we sailed too close to the shore.Disturb us, Lord,when with the abundance of things we possesswe have lost our thirst for the waters of life;when having fallen in love with life,we have […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: the day after the Fourth July 5, 2019
    Photo: CPThis prayer is from my archives and this backyard is no longer mine- but the sentiment of this prayer will stay with me wherever I live...Yesterday, after the band concert in the park,I walked home and decided to grill myself a burgerwith slices of tomato and onionand a sliver of cheddar...Waiting in my back […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Christ and Lady Liberty: their words, a song, and a prayer for the Fourth of July July 4, 2019
    Image source Between the barbecues and fireworks on this national holiday, let's take some time to recall Emma Lazarus' poem inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty, offering a haven, a refuge, for the burdened and battered.  In the video below (scroll to the bottom of the post), Irving Berlin provides a musical […]
    Concord Pastor

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Calm me,
quiet me,
settle me...

Steady me,
balance me,
ground me...

Plant me,
root me,
embed me...

Support me,
sustain me,
protect me...

Forgive me,
pardon me,
free me...

Refresh me,
restore me,
heal me...

Enfold me,
embrace me,
hold me...

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