A Concord Pastor Comments

A Concord Pastor Comments


  • Tridum Homilies April 22, 2019
    Looks like I'm not going to get to posting my Triduum homilies in the usual fashion but here are the audio widgets for my preaching on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter.Holy Thursday Good Friday(includes my reading the Passion, homily begins at 15:50)    Easter(photos below: giant eggs I used in my homily) Tweet     Subscribe to […]
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  • Monday Morning Offering: 4/22 April 22, 2019
    Image: George MendozaGood morning, good God!It's Easter Monday, Lord,and I'm remembering yesterday's story...I'm thinking of the women who came to the tombexpecting to find you deadbut finding that you had already risenfrom the dead...I'm thinking of the apostleshiding in fear behind locked doors...I'm thinking of Peter,finally making his way to the tomband walking away in […]
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  • Pause for Prayer: EASTER SUNDAY April 21, 2019
    Image source  Easter's wonder, peace and joyall rise fromEaster faith and prayer and praise...Help me treasure Easter's gifts, Lord,faith and hope and love:    embed them in my heart,let them color all my thoughts    and refresh my trust in you...And if I'm waiting yet for Easter's gifts to find,then, Lord, help me sing,till the […]
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  • Triduum Homilies April 20, 2019
    Yes, I've been preaching the Triduum.No, I haven't had a minute to spare for postingmy homilies. I was about to post at least the audio and then Irealized I left my trusty little recording device atthe church and since I now live in Belmont - Ican't just cross the street to get it. Not sure […]
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  • Pause for Prayer: HOLY SATURDAY April 20, 2019
    The Dead Christ by Mantegna On Holy Saturday the Church waits at the Lord's tomb,meditating on His suffering and death.The painting above by Mantegna is a compelling image,confronting us with the reality of Jesus' death... On this day, the altar is left bare, Mass is not celebrated.Only after the solemn vigil during the night,held in […]
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  • Pause for Prayer: GOOD FRIDAY April 19, 2019
    Meditation on the Crucifixion by Mimi Ess (Click on the image for a larger version)While Meditating Upon the PassionI long to be the teardropRolling ever so slowly down your cheekSearching the curves and creases of your most holy faceLightly kissing moisture upon your dry lips.I long to be the air that becomes your breathBought with […]
    Concord Pastor
  • GOOD FRIDAY (4/19) is a day of Fast and Abstinence April 18, 2019
    GOOD FRIDAY  (April 19)is a day of FAST and ABSTINENCEWhat does that mean? On Good Friday:- Catholics over 14 years of ageare expected to abstain from eating meat on this day.- Catholics 18 years of ageand up to the beginning of their 60th yearare expected to fast on these days:taking only one full meal and two […]
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  • Pocket Prayer for THURSDAY 4/18 April 18, 2019
    Well, it's the last day of Lent, Lord:at sundown todayends the season of repentanceand our preparation for celebratingthe Paschal feast...So this is the last of my Lenten pocket prayers...But I'm going to keep my little Crossin my pocket or my purse,on my dresser or my dashboard,at my side where I will see itand remember noon […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: HOLY THURSDAY April 18, 2019
    Our Humble God by Howard BanksA song, a prayer for Holy ThursdayOn Holy Thursday night at the Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper, feet will be washed in response to the Lord's command at his last supper when he washed his friends' feet:  If I, therefore, the master and teacher,have washed your feet,you ought to […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 4/17 April 17, 2019
    Image sourceThis longer-than-usual daily post includes a scripture, a brief reflection, a powerful, haunting song (not to be missed!) a regular Pause for Prayer and yet another song, this one consoling and compassionate...  I hope you'll spend a few extra minutes with this post - but of course you can also scroll right down to […]
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  • Pocket Prayer for THURSDAY 4/18 April 17, 2019
    Six weeks ago today, Lord,on Ash Wednesday,I began offering these "pocket prayers"asking each day for the blessing of your touch...For all the ways you've touched my life this Lent,I give you thanks and praise, Lord:   - for the blessings I've experienced and known   - for the blessings that somehow slipped beyond my reach,   - and […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pocket Prayer for TUESDAY 4/16 April 16, 2019
    In this Holy Week, Lord,help me look to your Cross and find thereyour grace and your help,your pardon and forgiveness,your consolation and compassion...Jesus,touch my life today,touch my life this week,this blessed and holy week...Amen.Tweet     Subscribe to A Concord Pastor Comments
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  • Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 4/16 April 16, 2019
    Holy WeekWe have to give ourselves permissionto be weak enough to enter into Holy Week.Stop pretending that you can hold everything together. No one is telling you that you have to be strong.Instead, you need to be real. You do not need to put on a special face for others to show you are a Christian.  […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Monday Morning Prayer: 4/15 April 15, 2019
    Image: George MendozaAnd so it has begun, Lord:the Week we call Holy... I've read how theologians debate whether any unit of time or time itselfcan actually be or become holy -but I'll leave that to the scholars, Lord,and simply wonder about my being holy,my growing in holinessin the week ahead... (Why am I afraid of this word: […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pocket Prayer for MONDAY 4/15 April 15, 2019
    For six weeks I've been asking you, Lord,Touch my life today!This morning I praythat you'll touch my life this week,this special week,this week we call holy...Touch my lifein the quiet time I spend with you in prayer, Lord...Touch my lifethrough reading and hearing the storyof how you suffered and laid down your lifefor the world, […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Just what is Holy Week? April 14, 2019
    The images above give us thumbnail sketches for the high points of Holy Week and this post offers an overview of the liturgies of Holy Week. While I hope you'll find these comments helpful,  you'll only begin to truly understand Holy Week by participating in it's liturgies.In the week we call holy, the Church celebrates […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Homily for Palm Sunday 2019 April 14, 2019
    Image sourceHomily for Palm SundayScriptures for today's Mass Although it's at the very heart of our faith,the story of the suffering and death of Jesusis recounted in its entirety only twice a year,and then in the same week,on Palm Sunday and Good Friday.Though we hear this story infrequently,its images, scenes and characters are vivid in our […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pocket Prayer for PALM SUNDAY 4/14 April 14, 2019
    In the gospel this weekendPeter speaks boldly of his love for you, Lord,and his determination to stand by youat all times and at any cost...But you knew Peter better than he knew himselfand you correctly predicted that within hourshe would deny you three times -and so he did...He denied knowing youas boldly as he had […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: PALM SUNDAY 4/14 April 14, 2019
    Christ of St. John of the Cross - DaliPerhaps my favorite liturgical text is Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation I:  its beautiful language and rich Paschal theology stir my heart. From a presider's point of view, this text seems to pray itself, so easily did it lend itself to proclamation.  And this is a perfect prayer […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pocket Prayer for SATURDAY 4/13 April 13, 2019
    Holy Week is just ahead, Lord...In the seven days between now and Easter:   touch my suffering with your passion,   touch my hardships with your Cross,    touch my pain with your deep healing,   touch my sins with your great mercy,    touch my soul with the life you gave for me,   touch my weakness with […]
    Concord Pastor

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