A Concord Pastor Comments

A Concord Pastor Comments


  • Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 10/22 October 22, 2019
    Photo by AJ MartinMixed signals!So many mixed signals, Lord...Take the sunset in AJ's photo:pure glorious gold, a dusty rose, some argentine blue -a palette of promise, smooth waters ahead,safe passage assured... But those clouds, Lord, those clouds!Gathering, menacing, thick with foreboding,they haunt my horizon, obscuring my hope, draping in shadows my plans for tomorrow...To which […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Monday Morning Offering: 10/21 October 21, 2019
    Image sourceGood morning, good God!Something's different in the sunlight, Lord,these cool October days...Old Sol, up in the heavens, assumes his autumn angle,his eye on branches, beauty brushed,on leaves alive in light no summer's green could ever match...The light comes from above, I know,but still I'd swear these leaves are somehow - glowing from within...In my […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Homily for October 20 October 20, 2019
    Image sourceHomily for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary TimeScriptures for today's Mass Have you ever wondered what God does with all the prayers offered up for sports teams - especially at the end of a seasonwhen titles and trophies are on the line?Does anyone really believe that God chooses to have a handin deciding who wins the […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 10/20 October 20, 2019
    Image sourceToday's Pause for Prayer is a video by Louie Schwartzberg whose images bring to sight a prayerful reflection by Brother David Steindl-Rasrt, OSB.This Prayer post is longer than most, running nearly 6 minutes - but I promise you'll be glad and grateful you gave 6 minutes to the audio and visual beauty offered here. […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 10/19 October 19, 2019
    Image sourceIn a small pond, a frog, squatting on a lily pad,listened attentively as an angel described the glories of heaven...At the end of the discoursethe frog asked"Is it something like mud?"- AnonymousIt's a very wise frog, indeed, Lord,who finds heaven in the mud...And how about me?Where do I find a taste of heaven's joy,right where […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 10/18 October 18, 2019
    Image sourceLord,today I want to pray for all the beautiful people in my lifeand you know better than I, Lord,how many they are!They've shared with me their suffering and defeats,their struggles and losses- and how they've found their way(or are trying to find their way)out of the depths of their difficulties...All this has worn on […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/17 October 17, 2019
    My friend, Marilyn Mudry, posts 3 personal "gratitudes"on her FaceBook page every day.  These posts never fail to prompt me to reflect on what I'm grateful for in my own life.  Marilyn's post a few days ago has stayed with me and I share it with you as today's Pause for Prayer...Gratitudes- That I am […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 10/16 October 16, 2019
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    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 10/15 October 15, 2019
    An old friend texted me, Lord,someone I hadn't seen in quite a while:busy lives, competing schedulesand a change in geographyleft us out of touch, drifting apart...Then out of the blue comes an invitationand plans were swiftly made: dinner last nightand great conversation for catching up,reconnecting, reclaiming good memories,restoring the ties that bind and bond...It was […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Monday Morning Offering: 10/14 October 14, 2019
    Image: George MendozaGood morning, good God!Today, Lord, I offer you my thanks and praise:- for all the inscrutable ways you work in my life,        day by day, week after week, year after year...  - and for all the ways your Spirit meddles in my affairs,        prodding, pushing and nudging me             to go where you would lead […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Homily for October 13 October 13, 2019
    Homily for the Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary TimeScriptures for today's Mass Welcome to the first week of a message series we're calling #grateful.  So, what does it mean to be grateful? Here’s a way to understand it:  a thankful appreciation for what you receive - tangible or intangible: things we can touch and things we can’t, […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 10/13 October 13, 2019
    Image sourceI'm becoming more aware and more grateful, Lord,for some particular moments in my everyday life...Moments, Lord, just moments:   some as brief as a fleeting insight,   none much longer than a shared smile,   a hand on my shoulder, meeting a friend's eyes...Moments, Lord, sweet moments like   an unexpected kind word,   the warmth of a treasured […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 10/12 October 12, 2019
    Image sourceMaybe not today   but there are times and there are seasons     when I feel like I've fallen - and I can't get up...When those days come:    Lift me up, Lord - please, lift me up!Lift me up with a word of faith   to help me trust that you are near      and always […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 10/11 October 11, 2019
    Photo by CPWas it in the dead of night, Lord,or just before dawn?Did you walk down my streetand climb a few treesor reach from heaven,your brush in hand?Is rusty orange your favorite hueor just the first on this year's palette? Will you soon return to add more colorwhile I keep vigil, hoping to learnthe secret […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 10/10 October 10, 2019
    Image sourceWhat's one thing I gotta have to start the day right?     A good stretch?     Some tunes?     The bed made?      A shower?     A shave?     Makeup?      Coffee?  Juice?     Cereal? Yogurt? Eggs? a Pop-Tart?     The news (on line or hard copy)?      First check of email and texts?How about prayer?Is […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 10/9 October 9, 2019
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    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 10/8 October 8, 2019
      You've given me another day to live, Lord: a day to shape into something beautiful, a day to serve others, a day to give you thanks, a day in the life that you and I share...How would you have me spend this day, Lord?With whom would you have me share it? Along what path […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Monday Morning Offering: 10/7 October 7, 2019
    Image sourceI offer you my thanks for your divine imagination,your playful wisdom shaping the earth,her seasons and their beauty...Who first knew your plan, O Lord,for shorter days and autumn chillto sap the summer's chlorophyllfrom leafy, shady boughs? I see revealed in summer's loss,in each tree's seasoned fadingyour glory: gold and russet,purple patched and crimson crowned...A […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Homily for October 6 October 6, 2019
    Homily for the Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimeScriptures for today's Mass Welcome to the fifth & final week of a message series for the fall that we’ve been calling Lost & Found. This series has been about our experiences of feeling lost in life and how we can work toward being found.  We all feel […]
    Concord Pastor
  • Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 10/6 October 6, 2019
    Image sourceGod knows everything that will happen in my life today.But because I can't predict what this day holds, I'll likely   worry and fret over what I don't know,   hide from things that I need not fear   and spend far too much time over-thinking       everything I say and all that I do...So, Lord, give […]
    Concord Pastor

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Two-Word Prayers

Calm me,
quiet me,
settle me...

Steady me,
balance me,
ground me...

Plant me,
root me,
embed me...

Support me,
sustain me,
protect me...

Forgive me,
pardon me,
free me...

Refresh me,
restore me,
heal me...

Enfold me,
embrace me,
hold me...

Lord, hear my prayer today!

A Daily Prayer

A Daily Prayer