Parents & Tots

Parents & Tots

Parents & Tots

Young children are invited to bring their favorite adult(s) to Monument Hall room 1, across the street from Holy Family, every Tuesday 9:45-11:00am. This group is an opportunity for young ones and parents to form community. There is no structure to the group; we simply provide toys and coffee and let the Holy Spirit guide new friendships!

Parents and tots are also cordially invited to join us for Mass any weekend or weekday. For your convenience, our children’s refuge room is a great resource for children who have a difficult time sitting through Mass. If you attend Mass at Holy Family and feel uncomfortable asking your child to sit quietly in the pew, please avail yourself of the children’s refuge room. It has toys and books for your youngster, as well as room to crawl around. It has comfortable chairs for you to feed or comfort your child. Lastly, speakers inside the room as well as glass doors ensure that you can continue to hear and participate fully in the Mass in the comfort of a closed-off area.

If you have any questions about either of these ways that you and your youngest ones can participate in the life of the parish, please contact Elizabeth Smith at


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